Posted by: rcweather | Sunday,March 22, 2009

Blizzard Approaches

What could be the nastiest blizzard in some time is headed for eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota and central North Dakota.

Rain will change to snow Monday morning across eastern Wyoming, Monday afternoon across western South Dakota and then spread into central North Dakota Monday night into Tuesday.

Up to 2 feet of snow will fall from this storm. A few inches of that will melt on the warm, wet ground but at least 12 to 16 inches will stick – then be blown around on winds gusting to 60 mph. The snow drifts will top 8 feet in some areas.

Stockmen who don’t protect their animals are going to have a lot of kill from this storm and it could wind up devistating some. And, there will be the usual scores of power poles knocked down.

Then, once the snow begins to melt — there will be flooding. Shadehill Reservoir is already flooding, Belle Fourche/Orman is extremely close to bank-full and Pactola is within 2 feet of flood stage (and Canyon Lake is under construction). The good news is that temperatures will average cooler than normal through April 5. The bad news.. more moisture will fall by then. And to think — 3 years ago we were begging for water.



  1. The Merriman farm (site of Shadehill Dam) is again under water after many years of drought). this farm plus many others were sacrificed for the Dam proper and storage area for the water stored behind it. This lake filled to maxium capacity the first year after major construction was completed in 1950-51. Engineer Joe Grimes stated at that time, if this Dam holds fast during this test before it is actually settled in place it will never move. So far that is true but again as of this date March 23 2009 this dam is being tested, with more rain and snow in the forcast;those that live below the dam on the river will be nervous. What little that is left of what was our farm is now partially covered by the raging waters from the morning glory spillway at the dam.
    This dam is again paying for itself in the lessening of flood damage that all of us experianced before this dam was built. The only thing I wish is that the Bureau had paid more than the $19.00 per acre for the land they acquired by the use of Eminet Domain. The comment submitted here are made by one of the last remaining local people that lost land and worked on the dam. I have written the story of my life and it includes history of Bureau of Reclamation activities that are not recorded on their websites.

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